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"The Light" Twelve Compositions for Piano:

  1. Peppermint Party - A catchy, upgeat tune. People are drawn in to listen. Composed in the 1980s, you can hear the jaunty, youthful exuberance.  1:31 easy, uses sustain pedal.
    view p.1  score-pdf
  2. Going Home - 2nd place winner in MTAC (Music Teachers' Association of California) Composition Contest 2014. This piece evokes that longing, yearning feeling you get when you've been away for quite some time, and you think about going home, returning to those things and people you know and love, the warmth and comforting reassurance of home.  2:46 easy/medium, balancing of voices, dynammics.
    view p.1  score-pdf
  3. Can't Get Her Out of My Mind - Inspired by the male vocal jazz se3xtet MPact which I heard one exciting night at The Baked Potato nightclub in Los Angeles - hot stuff! I wrote this piece for them later that very night.  1:46 medium, melodic rubato
    view p.1  score-pdf
  4. Daffodils and Dragonflies Air and earth, insect and flower, buzzing and brilliance are all depicted in this exuberant piece.  2:43 medium, 2 against 3.
    view p.1  score-pdf
  5. In the Garden creates a peaceful, quitet, meditative mood. You might picture a flower opening, an insect buzzing by to visit a blossom, a bird fluttering and landing, perhaps splashing in a birdbath. 1:46 easy, polychords
    view p.1  score-pdf Play Arrow
  6. Refourestation - In this piece the interval of the fourth portrays the vitality, strength and vibrance of trees. The name “refourestation” stands not only for the revival of the forest, but also for the interval of the fourth, another endangered species! The fourth is thematic throughout.  2:47 medium, extensive use of fourths, arpeggios
    view p.1  p.2  pdf, p.1-2
  7. Whither Thou Goest - Commissioned in 2010 for a wedding celebration in Austria, this piece evokes the dreams, joys and Wanderlust of this carefree young couple, Katharina and Alex, to whom it is dedicated.  4:34 medium, polychords, variety of textures
    view p.4  pdf
  8. Dolphins' World - The ocean. This piece exploits the deep, lush bass register and tonality of D-flat, evoking the vast depths of the ocean, contrasted with light splashes in the treble register, dolphins playing in the spray, bubbles rising to the surface. 4:22 medium, arpeggios in both hands
    Dolphins' World, p.1  pdf, p.1-4  Play Arrow
  9. The Eternal Quest - Challenge, and triumph. 4:06 difficult, sensitive soft passages, chromaticism
    view p.1  p.2  The Eternal Quest, p.1-4  Play Arrow
  10. Recurring Theme - This piece started with a simple four-note melody and developed into this song. the middle section bursts into accented syncopation with a rhythm taken from a drumming circle I attended with friends in Sankt Magdalena am Lemburg, Austria. 3:30 medium, fun and catchy rhythmic tude in middle section
    Recurring Theme “Bonifaccio” p.1  pdf p.1-3
  11. On Diaphanous Wing - Diaphanous sheer, fine, delicate, light, gossamer-like. Picture a dragonfly wing. A floating melody and evanescent harmony combine to form this colorful piece.  medium, apealing pop feel, accents, 3 against 2.
    view p.1  p.1-3 (pdf)  Play Arrow (demo)
  12. The Light captures diverse scintillating qualities and angles of light, at times filtered, at times reflected. A meditative piece, uplifting and optimistic, this piece remains one of my favorites. A great antidote for stress!  4:40 medium, with a more intricate last section
    The Light (pdf score)     The Light Play Arrow    The Light, Orchestral excerpt Play Arrow

Piano Books I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Suite: "5 cantos sureños" — Contemporary Piano Pieces.

Pegasus Piano Book I

Pegasus Piano Book II

Pegasus Piano Book III

Pegasus Piano Book IV

Pegasus Piano Book V

Pegasus Piano Book VI

"5 cantos sureños"

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Book I — Fair Youth
  1. Joie de Vivre Play Arrow   soothing, uplifting, bright... This piece was inspired by my first dencounter with the Kawai K4 keyboard! (1991) view p.1
  2. Bunji  bounces like the cord; light-hearted jazz/pop; polychords in the second passage. view p.1
  3. S.Y.N.C. by Don Wersky, former roommate and amazing band conductor! view p.1
  4. Peppermint Party Play Arrow  an energetic, foot-stomping party-starter!  score
  5. In the GardenPlay Arrow  unusual harmonies, stretching, yearning, yet joyful. view p.1 score-pdf
  6. Free Fall Play Arrow  fusion in a popular idiom; a curious coda continually modulates in aleatoric directions... view p.1
  7. All Green Play Arrow  an example of fusion between art music and popular idiom; polychords. view p.1
  8. If Ever You Should Leave Play Arrow (excerpt w/ Tim Welvaars on chromatic harmonica)  bittersweet, yearning...
    View CD; view p.1
  9. T.G.I.F.  fun, feel-good, challenging pop piece view p.1
  10. Pastorale  smooth as chant, but with new harmonies. Also available as an instrumental concert piece for trumpet and piano, or flute and piano (see below). view p.1
  11. Fair Youth Play Arrow  sweet, engaging lullaby... view p.1  performance of Fair Youth at CCPAS Composers' Concert 2021 scroll to 33:29
Book II — Afternoon Reverie
  1. The Jounce  a bouncy, light jazz piece with a fun break; polychords view p.1
  2. Refourestation exploits the resonance of the 4th, to reinstate its place in the dense jungle of musical sound. view p.1
  3. End-Zone Strut  a fun celebratory piece originally written for a dance in the end-zone after a TD; written for the NFL Screensaver (back when they had screensavers in the '90s)! score
  4. Daffodils & Dragonflies  new age funky uplifting with an arcane polychordal break; excerpt view p.1 Play Arrow
  5. Chorale score (with Trumpet). I wrote this predominantly for the delightful dissonance and clash of the polychords.
  6. A Romp in the Park - just that! view p.1
  7. Jolt Cola  funky bass lick; sparkling, sprightly departure; view p.1
  8. Deep White Peace  smooth, harmonically interesting, nice build view p.1
  9. Meditation and Inpsiration--built on the Jewish tropes "k'tana" from the Torah and "merchach' fula" from the Haftorah; interesting non-triadic harmonies; dedicated to Michael Isaacson, composer, Los Angeles. view p.1
  10. T'kiah Fanfare Play Arrow excerpt, orchestrated) from the Shofar Service, originally for Choir and Brass. view p.1
  11. Afternoon Reverie  a sublime, sonorous, relaxing piece. Listen to the excerpt of this piece with Tim Welvaars on chromatic harmonica!
    view p.1
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Book III — The Eternal Quest
  1. Flight Over Water, fluid, ethereal, melodious view p.1
  2. The Eternal Quest view p.1 One of the most powerful pieces for piano which I've written.
  3. Let the Good Times Roll view p.1
  4. Going Home First place in the MTAC State Composition Competition, 2014. view p.1
  5. Encircling the Moon view p.1
  6. The Light; view p.1-3
    Play ArrowOrchestral excerpt; Play Arrow Piano excerpt
  7. Lifting Off view p.1
  8. La Rosace view p.1
  9. Into the Darkness view p.1
  10. Virtual Tinsel  delightful flickering, shimmering textures; for Piano solo, or with Flute. view p.1
  11. Tribute to Kurt (for Kurt Bestor); written in a lyrical, emotional style. Check out Kurt's website and other works = a phenomenal composer and performer! view p.1
Book IV — Approaching Avalon
  1. Approaching Avalon score p. 1-2   Coda   — the mists and mystery of Avalon, with a triumphal, majestic entry into that fabled city.
    Youtube performance by the composer
  2. April on Chilko Lake , a northern Canadian Lake, reminiscent of Tilicho Lake in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas at 4920 m. Still frozen in April, one see in this piece ice crystals, snowflakes, and the occasional glint of sunlight reflected from the ice. Play Arrow view p.1
  3. Brass Sculpture view p.1
  4. Cuivré view p.1
  5. Il Basso view p.1 view p.1
  6. Recurring Theme... Exactly that: a piece developed from a recurring theme. The middle section pops out of nowhere, inspired by a polyrhythmic drum pattern. view p.1
  7. Rocky - pull no punches! view p.1
  8. Sommer im Winter view p.1
  9. Sylvesterfeier view p.1
  10. Traum um Mitternacht view p.1
  11. Un jour au printemps score
Book V — Aspen in Autumn
  1. Aspen in Autumn
    score p.9-11
  2. Cloudscape
    score p.3
  3. Dance of the Dryads
    score p.4-5
  4. Eye on the Prize
    view p.1-3
  5. Fantasia on O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
    score p.3-5
  6. Feiertag
    view p.1-3
  7. Pat (pfte solo)
  8. Pat excerpt with Sigi Koch, trumpet, and Peter Taucher, electric guitar, a tribute to Pat Metheny inspired by his legendary piece "Travels".
  9. Himmelwärts (pfte solo)
    score p.2   score - pdf
  10. Whither Thou Goest; Commissioned in 2010 for a wedding celebration in Austria, this piece evokes the dreams, joys and Wanderlust of this carefree young couple, Katharina and Alex, to whom it is dedicated. 4:34 medium difficulty, polychords, variety of textures.
    score p.4   score - pdf
Book VI — One Summer's Day
  1. Awaiting the Return, an Improvisation
  2. Bitterroot Fusion
  3. Dojmovi Skradin ("Impressions of Skradin, Croatia") score - pdf
  4. Fantasia on "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" score - pdf
  5. Variations on "In dulci jubilo" — This is a lively arrangement of Good Christian Men, Rejoice! for piano solo, with a dozen fun and interesting variations. score excerpt / score (pdf) / audio
  6. One Summer's Day score - pdf / audio
  7. Variations on "O Tannenbaum" score - pdf
  8. Variations on "We Shall Overcome" (Pete Seeger)
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Suite: 5 cantos sureño  Complete Suite for Pianoforte, pdf     to hear excerpts of the choral piece: Jukebox, Choral

  1. llueve, llueve, mójame  p.1
  2. on the beach  p.1
  3. Dambidú  p.1   p.2
  4. Jorgeluís   p.1   p.2
  5. bajo las estrellas  p.1

Piano and Harmonica!

Book of 8 pieces; CD Reveries for Day and Night by the
STONE HARMONY DUO Tim Welvaars, chromatic harmonica; Dwight Stone, pianoforte
  1. Afternoon Reverie, composed for Tim in 2002, is a sublime, sonorous, relaxing piece. Play Arrow amazing .
  2. Deep White Peace
  3. End-Zone Strut
  4. Hip-Hopin'
  5. If Ever You Should Leave  Play Arrow excerpt;  Play Arrow harmonica improv over the minor section. Awesome, Tim!
  6. A Romp in the Park
  7. The Skids
  8. Chopin's Prélude in C  descant


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