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Dwight Stone

Composer, Conductor and Pianist

"And of all the concerts we have hosted in recent years I found your compositions the most inspirational and nurturing of my soul. I left the evening feeling truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your incredible musical talents with others."
— Roger Reaber, Pastor
Grace Presbyterian Church
Walnut Creek, CA

"Your concert was tremendous. It was an honor to be there and hear a full spectrum of your music. Keep up the good work - Bravo!"
— Alan Markowitz

“Dwight Stone’s musical artistry is stirring, contemporary, and full of surprises.”
— Mei Sun Li, Pianist, Composer

Letter, compliments from the Barclays after "Hillman House Holiday Music Salon"

Schloss Murau

Schloß Murau, Austria

Thanks for your note
I took the opportunity to check out your website, stonemusique, and found an unexpected gift from you.
Your music!  I let it flow around me while working on spreadsheets to project COVID costs at the shelter...
I have been sending family a daily distraction of funny, silly things.  But today, I'm sending links to your music!
Thank you.   Pearls among the oyster shells

"Dwight Stone's music is very enjoyable from any angle. His harmonic textures within his compositional paintings are always colorful and delicious. His sense of motion... sometimes rhythmic and sometimes subtle....really creates direction toward a meaningful emotional journey for the listener.
His style is fresh and original, yet very accessible and familiar. Dwight, it is always a pleasure to hear you!"
— Dennis Edwards, Composer-Pianist & Recording Artist - Former Production Coordinator, A&M Records Hollywood

Dear Dwight,
I bought your collection of trumpet descants (as well as a couple of your original works for trumpet & piano) last summer and have really enjoyed playing them.  Really lovely. 
For a couple of Christmas masses I have coming up I thought I'd ask if you have a Silent Night descant I could buy (which I didn't see in your original collection). If not, no big deal, but I thought it worth inquiring. Also, if you have anything Christmas-specific for trumpet, I'd really be interested.
Thanks so much.
Kevin McLaughlin

I thought the Christmas concert [2022] at the Fireside Room was wonderful& especially the first half of classical baroque music was superb and so generous of you! Thank you so much
—N. Yamamoto

Dear Dwight and Nika,
Thank you so much for that lovely concert last night. It touched my heart. You two people played together so well! I have never heard a flute played like that. She is wonderful.
Your are so talented! I am glad you came to St. Paul's Church. Your compositions were just amazing in complexity and color.
—Priscilla Christensen

"Impressive virtuosity. Wow! Beautifully played. Good musicality ... your compositions added importantly."
"Your comments about the history of music were helpful and humorous."
"Overall, extremely enjoyable, highlight of my year."

Concert with Siegfried Koch, trumpet; Austria, 2008:
"Wahnsinnig gut gefallen!"
"Ausgezeichnet, ausgesuchtes Programm, tolles Ambiente, super!"
"Das Ambiente war einmalig; ein sehr tolles Erlebnis"
"Harmonisch anders -- gefällt mir sehr gut."
"Es taugt! Ihr mußt mehr als eine Zugabe vorbereitet haben!"