Dwight Stone - composer, conductor, pianist

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Dwight Stone

Composer, Conductor, Pianist

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Organ recital October, 2023 Bach or Krebs?
The 360s at Lavash Mediterranean Restaurant, Lafayette
The 360s at Lavash, Lafayette
Autumn Arts Celebration
Autumn Celebration of Music & Art
Crayon Initiative
Crayon Initiative "Melt With You" Festival
Hillman House Music Salon
Hillman House Music Salon

Sound & Color 2011
YPSO Piano Recital
YPSO 2012

Schlosskonzert 2009

Pianofiori Exhibit 2008

St. Mary's Chapel 2012

St. Stephen 2012
Fireside Room
Winter Nights 2013

Eröffnungsprogramm Claddaghring 2008

Grace Presbyterian Church 2013
Fireside Room
Fireside Room 2012

Lessons & Carols, St. Paul's Epsicopal, 2016
Piano Improv Concert I
Piano Improv Concert I at St. Paul's Episcopal, WC 2013

Soirée of Song, Oct. 2015 St. Paul's Episcopal

Soirée of Song, Nov. 2015 St. Paul's Episcopal
Summer Serenade
Summer Serenade, St. Paul's Episcopal, 2015
Buschenschank 2009

Composers 2013

Singkreis Grafendorf 2010

Fête de la Musique 2010

Schloss Murau 2009